Escorting the Ambassador, part 1

1. Halia indicates outside agency wants to extract an Arcosan ambassador from Thorodensis. They are sending an airship with an agent, Dynasapheus. The PCs are to meet the agent and follow his lead.

2. The PCs meet the agent and ambassador, agree to meet the agent and the ambassador at night, and escort the ambassador to the airship.

3. The ambassador was being shadowed by Quisitors. A chase ensued, with the PCs splitting and defeating various security service folks on the rooftops of the Merchant Quarter.

4. Dynasapheus takes the PCs and the ambassador to a safehouse. His contact there indicates that it may be possible to get the ambassador to the airship by using skimmers stored near the airship docks.

5. At the safehouse, the PCs decided to take to the tunnels under the city, using the maps they’ve put together by scouting and the map of the Northern Tillage they got from the Northern Farmer’s Alliance. They plan to embark on this mission in the middle of the night, minimizing potential interference from other activity at the airship docks.



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