Escorting the Ambassador, part 2

1. Morgauze and Ragnar agree to provide a distraction, taking off south with Ragnar dressed as the ambassador. They lead some Quisitors on a merry chase.

2. Dane, Gia, and Dynasapheus descend into the tunnels. The tunnels under the city are poorly patrolled these days, resulting in increased danger from wandering underdark creatures. The PCs encountered and defeated a large shadow snake, which, terrifyingly, gave birth to a bunch of smaller snakes when bloodied.

3. The PCs reach the opening in the north face of the city, and climb to the top of the airship docks. A large concentration of Leatherwings prevented the ambassador from immediately piloting a skimmer to the waiting Arcosan Airship. With customary discretion, Dynasapheus attacked the port guards and their Quisitor leader. A battle ensued, with the PCs managing to hold off the port guards long enough to use the city’s ballistae (and some powers of their own) to chase away the Leatherwings. With safe skies, Dynasapheus escorted the ambassador to the Arcosan airship.



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