Pelgarath and the Mucus

How much is that Aboleth in the window?

Dane, Gia, and Vabrense are chasing leads to the tribal standard. This brought them first to a tattoo artist named Rista, who sent them to a converted warehouse tavern called….Warehouse. There, the were to find someone named Pelgarath.

There, the PCs met Xantus, a former associate of Pelgarath. Xantus told the PCs that Pelgarath was in the business of selling trained protection creatures out of a building nearby.

In Pelgarath’s shop, the PCs mentioned the tribal artifact. Pelgarath, a demonic sort, determined that the PCs couldn’t be allowed to leave, and tells his hired minions to attack.

The PCs made short work of Pelgarath’s trained cockroaches, but his archers and Pelgrarath himself gave them more trouble. During the fight, the PCs noticed that Pelgarath is suffering some soft of condition involving gills and scales.

After the fight, the PCs lock up Pelgarath and his security. They perform a delicate arcane surgery to remove a parasitic infestation from Pelgarath, and realize that he has an aboleth in a chamber nearby…or, perhaps, was being controlled by that aboleth?

The PCs rest before deciding to take on the aboleth.



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