Most ass kickinest 14 year old in Thoradensis


Human Monk/ Warlock hybrid /Ghost walker paragon path + Student of the spellplague multiclass feat


Dane Orueta is the curse bearer of his tribe. As such it has been his responsibility since birth to contain the essence of a creature who tried to destroy the tribe generations ago. With this burden comes a boon in the form of a warlock pact and the ability to reshape the curse marks on his body into usable enchantments. Life has never been simple for Dane as many of the members of the tribe mistrust the curse bearer for his connection to arcane magic which is rare in the tribes.

When a valuable artifact was stolen from the tribe, Dane and several other members of his clan were lured from their home on the Halian Steppe by an unscrupulous Thoran merchant. Their search for the sacred artifact keeps them in Thoradensis even with the threat of war facing the tribes of the steppes.

His fellow Arratza, Morgauze Sabarte, has been his closest friend and ally during this quest.


Thorodensis daneorueta