Tall, wiry, Dressed in deep dark colors. Almost no color in his face and hair. His mouth never cracks a smile and most of the time his demeanor is as a winter breeze. His blades cut through any and all opposition with the tenacity of a raging storm.


Vabrense is a Ranger of decent skill (lvl13)

His AC is generally 28 although once battle has erupted it tend to jump up to 30 thanks to “Dancing defense” V is a reasonably hardy character having 88 HP

V’s weapons of choice are Argus:the hungry blade (+3 vicious bastard sword) and Abram:the fire of vengeance(+1 flaming longsword).


Vabrense seems to be an Awakened, although he acts rather strangely for one and is disguised as a Breather most of the time. This man has only recently joined the group at the Stone and Bread. Although not hostile this man’s day to day demeanor tends to be cold and aloof. Does Vabrense truly care about anyone or anything? Why has he joined up with the adventurers of the Stone and Bread? Vabrense isn’t talking and so far no one has been able to pry any answers from him. This man can be found to always be impeccably dressed in silks dye the color of midnight and crimson. Beneath this finery he wears the hide of some beast, this hide is dyed or perhaps naturally colored a deep sanguine red.

When combat starts, seemingly from out of nowhere Vabrense brings forth his twin blades Argus and Abram. Although the swords look nothing alike, those in the know understand that these blades are a matched pair whose origins are a Dubious and shadowy as the man who wields them.

Also in recent dealing Vabrense has demonstrated powers not usually associated with the Awakened.


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