1. The PCs started in the Stone & Bread. Discussed how they planned on dealing with Corinthus’s attempt to play them off against Falstro.

2. A small child (Kylo) brought them a sack containing two scroll cases.

3. The scroll cases each contained a letter; one letter addressed to the PCs, one letter addressed to Falstro. Each letter outlined a plan for the elimination of the other, with an amnesty territory established.

4. One of Kerrulak’s grandchildren bursts into the Stone & Bread, saying that Kerrulak was being attacked by some sort of monster.

5. The PCs dash out, following commotion, and find a group of demons being unable to restrain a Hellstinger Scorpion which was threatening Kerrulak and his children.

High and Dry
The Bluecloaks have pulled out of the Quarter.

The PCs emerge from the tunnels under the Northern Tillage to find checkpoints set up around the BQ. The BQ has been emptied of all but a few Bluecloaks.

Vabrense merely walks through the checkpoint. The other PCs use a teleport power to get through without being registered.

Outside the Stone & Bread, they are attacked by Falstro’s Juggler minions and two skirmisher leaders. The PCs win without too much difficulty.

Corinthus and his flunkies show up for the end of the battle, talk a little trash, and set some poor lady’s shop on fire. Vabrense follows them for a while, but was unable to find exactly where they are quartered without being noticed. He elected to avoid notice, rather than follow and be discovered.

During the encounter, the PCs rescued a small child from a couple of Juggler kidnappers.

Later, Vabrense finds (separately) that Falstro operates a similar operation to Thadeus, except with more extortion and violence. He resents Thadeus’s incursion onto his territory, and so has decided to take out the competition; these Jugglers were the first attempt to do so. Falstro is headquarted in an old theater somewhere in the West end of the theater district.

Vabrense met the Alder of the theater district; she seems to like him.

Dane bought components.

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