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For example, the 4 major subdivisions of the city will likely soon wind up on their own page, with only a short paragraph summarizing the subdivisions remaining on this page.

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  1. History and Events

    1. The Creation of Thorodensis
    2. The First 75 Years
    3. The Slave Revolt
    4. Post-Revolt Thorodensis
    5. The Plains War
    6. Adventure Summaries
  2. Geography

    1. Climate
    2. The Pillar
    3. The Lava Plain
    4. The River
    5. The Continent of Turai

      1. Arcos
      2. The Vedran City-States
      3. The Halian Plains
      4. The Green Hell
      5. Map of Turai
  3. Calendar
  4. Demographics
  5. Power Structure
  6. Politics
  7. Subdivisions

    1. The Awakened Quarter
    2. The Living Quarter
    3. The Law Quarter
    4. The Merchant Quarter
    5. The Bazaar and Stadium
    6. Map of Thorodensis
  8. Architecture
  9. Games and Competition
  10. Culture

    1. Language
    2. Arts and literature
    3. Markets
  11. Teaching and Education
  12. Economy
  13. Transportation

    1. Within Thorodensis
    2. Arriving and Departing
  14. International Relations
  15. NPCs
  16. External links

History and Events

The Creation of Thorodensis

The First 75 Years

The Slave Revolt

Post-Revolt Thorodensis

The Plains War

Adventure Summaries



Thorodensis is located in the south of Turai, and experiences mild, dry winters and humid, wet summers. At the top of the pillar, breezes are common.

The Pillar

The city itself is build on top of a large basalt pillar. The top of the pillar is about 800 feet above the surrounding lava plain.

The pillar is rumored to have been constructed by a group of mages about 150 years in the past. Most Breather residents believe this to be true, but don’t know details. Many Awakened residents may know a few more specifics.

The Lava Plain

The Lava Plain. Many miles of lava plain surround the pillar. The lava is the result of past volcanic activity from the mountains to the west of Thorodensis.

Geology. There are several hazards endemic to the lava plain. Occasional venting of magma onto the surface of the lava plain does occur. The structure of the plain itself poses a risk, as some of the surface lava are the hardened surfaces of large subterranian bubbles. This thin lava can collapse, giving an unwary traveller a sudden fall.

The lava plain also has many caves and underground chambers.

Flora and fauna. Short, tough grasses grow from cracks in the plain. This scrub is host to insects, which are preyed upon by a few species of lizard. The largest fauna native to the plains are the leatherwings, large winged reptiles. Their primary food source is a mystery.

The River

The Continent of Turai


Coastal nation to the West of Thorodensis.

The Vedran City-States

Strewn up and down the Turai’s eastern coast, these quasi-indepenant city-states are the remnans of the Vedran Empire. The Empire dissolved 160 years ago.

The Halian Plains

These grassy plains are home to the Arraza, a looseknit confederacy of tribal herders.

The Green Hell

Turai’s southern coast is a mazelike tropical salt marsh. Yuan-ti and Lizardfolk are rumored to live there. On those rare occasions adventurers return from the Green Hell, they return with pitted, ancent stone engraved with a language that few speak. Among scholars, it is known simply as Ancient

A Map of Turai


There are 306 days in the Old Vedran Calendar. This calendar is standard across the continent, although different cultures celebrate different holidays.


Thorodensis is divided primarily between living humans and previosly-human Awakened. There are many more living humans than Awakened. The two populations comprise 98% of the city’s population.

The remaining non-human 2% are primarily indentured servants in Awakened households. Native Thorans typically distrust sentient non-humans.

The treatment of visiting non-human merchants stands in sharp contrast to the city’s indentured servants. Visiting magic-item distributors of all races are treated to dinners, entertainment, and luxurious accomodations by the Artificer’s Guild.

Power Structure



The Awakened Quarter

The Living Quarter

The Law Quarter

The Merchant Quarter

The Bazaar and Stadium

Map of Thorodensis


Games and Competition



Old Vedran is the most widely-adopted language of Turai. Thorodensis speaks Old Vedran primarily. A small number (20% – 30%) of Awakened and wealthy merchants speak additional languages, such as Hizka (the language of the tribes of the Halian Plain), Arcosan, or Vedran. Rare languages include Ancient, reportedly Draconic in origin. Ancient is found primarily on worn stone artifacts brought back from the Green Hell.

Arts and Literature

Thoran arts are heavily influenced by Vedran and Old Vedran arts. Until the start of the Plains War, a regular stream of foreign merchants moving into and out of the Bazaar provided the city with a fairly cosmopolitan supply of artistic objects, some of which are quite coveted by the well-off citizens.

Type Style or Styles Duration/Size Class
painting disturbing, dark, historical large Awakened and Merchants
sculpture dark, ornate, hand-carved, architectural Large Awakened, v. wealthy Merchants
theater clever, metaphorical 1 – 3 hours everyone
writing poetry historical, unpopular scholars
music civic, traditional, pub varies everyone


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Teaching and Education

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Within Thorodensis

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Arriving and Departing

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International Relations

PCs & NPCs

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External links

  1. Orbis Latinus. Latin placenames – great for Thoran character naming.
  2. Basque-English Dictionary.

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