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Updated Adventure Log to include the first and second part of escorting the Ambassador to his Arcosan airship.

Updated Adventure Log to include the second part of the Red Temple.

Updated Adventure Log to include the first part of the Red Temple.

Giant update to the main wiki page; too many updates to list.

Linked Morgauze’s new portrait in her description; also added some GM-only NPCs.

Added Bazaar and Stadium and linked some of Joe’s new PC portraits. Minor edits to other pages.

Added Drusilla, and updated the main wiki page.

Added Awakened, Awakened Quarter, Law Quarter, Merchant Quarter

Added some GM-only information

Made Angela the author of Morgauze (that way she can edit her own character. :) BTW, is it “Morgauze” or “Morgause”?

Added the map of the continent of Turai.


Please feel free to add/edit at will. The interface should be pretty straightforward. The basic idea is that each element – NPC, location, event, item, etc. – has it’s own page, and each time that element is mentioned, it’s linked to that page.

An example:

As an example, the entry for Kerrulak might look like this:


Kerrulak. Living human male, 65.

Kerulak is a blind leather worker living in the Breather Quarter. He is a regular at the Stone and Bread.

He was attacked by a Hellstinger Scorpion being accompanied by demonic soldiers in the Breather Quarter.


Why a wiki?

The goal is to have a central, accessible location to keep information.

To make a new page, just put the text inside of double angle brackets – look to the right to see some examples. There’s also a “New Page” button at the bottom on the right.

In roleplaying, writing something down makes it permanent. Have fun!


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