Red Temple, Part 2

Vabrense and Dane overheard a conversation between Nara, the Red Sister’s head of security, and Frigo, a member of the State Security Council.

Nara: …you can’t get blood from a stone, Frigo. Not even you.

Frigo: I know I don’t have to remind you of the position you’re in. The Awakened are strongly in Barus’s camp, and they expect the Sisters to support the war effort. We need more healing on the front lines. Frankly, these savages are proving more effective fighters than we’d anticipated.

Nara: We’re stretched thin already. We send any more to the front, we’re going to have to worry about the amphorae walking out the front door. Queen’s tits, Frigo, we sent the Chamber Guard to the front.

Frigo: Not all of them, Nara. [A few seconds goes by.] You’ve still not made contact with her, have you? What happened to the team you sent?

Nara: We don’t know. We haven’t heard from them, either. We know there’s some kind of – presence near the entrance, and that there are some Red Guards down there somewhere. It seems they won’t go near the Chamber. The one that got out kept saying something about the Archstones cutting through the Guards. No mention of Spira. Said Plix left the Guards a while ago, maybe killed one of them. It’s tough to know the truth. Most of the time, he’s not making much sense.

Frigo: Enough! Just fix it Nara. What use are the Sisters if you can’t protect the Chamber?

Nara: Go home, Frigo. You should be glad we’re here to protect you from it.



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